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How to write an email to apply for a job

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 24, 2017
How to write an email to apply for a job

An email job application along with an official letter of introduction and a CV, is a reflection of the competence of a job seeker, professionalism and experience. If you have the challenge of standing out among a swarm of candidates you should pay attention to detail. After several bits of advice, these insightful tips will help anyone to successfully write a powerful and articulate email job application.

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Steps to follow:


Read all the requirements of the job offer from the company for the desired position. The company may require a candidate to send an email to a specific individual or department, incorporating several attachments. Copy and paste information into the body of the email. Make sure you meet all their requests and that your résumé, cover letter and portfolio, meet the requested level.


Write an organized and well-presented email. Enter the appropriate department and / or email of the person in the message. Enter the "Subject" according to the message required by the guidelines of the company, or "Sales Manager Position" or similar opportunity to reflect the specific work opportunity. In the body of the email, type the following information: the name of the business's contact person, title, company and email address.


Conclude your email job application. Thank the recipient for their time and ends with "I look forward to hearing from you soon." Enter your contact information: full name, current job title and / or company, phone number, email address and website, in your case.


Write a customised email job application. Write to the person as "Mr" or "Ms/Mrs" Introduce yourself in a few short sentences that include your full name, purpose for writing and the specific job you're applying for. Keep the focus, relevant experience for this position. The whole email must be no more than a paragraph or two paragraphs that are each three to five long sentences.


Correct and check email. Check email several times to check for clarity, consistency and relevance of content. Make sure there are no errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Consider emailing the document to a friend or wait a few hours before sending it to allow further consideration of the email.


Send email job application. Once you're completely satisfied with the email job application and required attachments, send mail to the company and / or head of department. Remember to keep professional protocol during the job application.


If you haven't updated your CV for a while it is also appropriate to ensure that it is current before applying for any job. A fundamental part of finding a job is writing a good CV. At OneHowTo we have different articles to improve the way you write your CV, though if you want to go one step further, there are other specialized sites that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job.

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  • Avoid writing in capitals and with signs of excessive admiration.
  • Make a quick e-mail and to the point - Remember that people are busy.
  • Even small mistakes can reduce the chances of a job applicant; Take time to ensure a quality email job application.
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How to write an email to apply for a job