How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard
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The Walmart Money card is issued by the Green Dot Corp at all Walmart stores. It is actually a prepaid debit card through which one can make purchase at restaurants, stores or anywhere else where the Walmart Money Card is accepted. You just have to put money into your account and use your card wherever you want.

If you need to cancel your card then read this article to find out “How to cancel my Walmart Money card”.

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Cancellation using your Phone

To cancel your Walmart MoneyCard using your phone, take the following steps:

1. At first, dial the number 877 – 937 – 4098. This will connect you to the Walmart MoneyCard customer service line. When connected, press 4 to select the customer support.

2. Then the system will ask you to enter your Walmart Money Card number. Enter your number.

3. After that your call will be transferred to a customer support agent of Walmart.

4. Tell the agent that you want to close your Walmart Money Card account.

5. The agent will ask for some identification questions like your address, birth date or social security number. This is asked to verify the account holder’s identity.

6. After you provide all the information. The agent will close the account as per your request.

How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard - Cancellation using your Phone

Online Cancellation

To cancel your Walmart Money Card online, use the following steps:

1. Go to the official website of Walmart Money Card i.e.

2. If you have an account then log in directly.

3. If you don’t have an account, then create it by clicking “Create Online User ID”. Then fill up the required fields to create your account. Now log in with your new account.

4. Click on manage your 'account' tab. From there 'cancel' your Walmart Money Card by providing the information in the required fields. Then finally submit your cancellation request.

How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard - Online Cancellation

Cancellation using Mail

You can even cancel your Walmart Money Card using ordinary mail. Just follow the following steps:

1. At first write or print a letter containing your request for cancellation of your Walmart Money Card and closing the account.

2. In this letter do not forget to include your name, your account number, your address and telephone number.

3. On the envelope write the customer service address of Walmart Money Card’s customer service. Also affix the proper postage stamp on the envelope.

4. After sending the letter you just have to wait for a call from Walmart Money Card. They will call you to verify if you do wish to close your account or not. In some cases you may also receive a letter from the company stating that your Walmart Money Card account has been closed as per your request.

How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard - Cancellation using Mail

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Lacey Harrison
Cancel this card now I don't want it and u can't transfer it without my permission and u don't have my permission what so ever
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Lacey
In order to cancel your card you will have to follow the steps in this article. We cannot do it for you as we are not in partnership with Walmart, they are a separate company.
Cancel the Walmart card now....... like i said i dont want it please and thank you have a great day
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Lacey,

We are not Walmart and only provide the information you need to cancel the card. Please follow the instructions as per the article. Thank you.
Please cancel this card Walmart card now I don't want it now cancel it
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Lacey

We cannot directly cancel your card, you will have to do it via the Walmart website or by calling them directly.
Do you get your money back after you close down Walmart MoneyCard account and cancel the debit card ? I just got a new card from different bank ( money network) and trying to figure out how transfer money from Walmart MoneyCard to Money network ( different bank). Help?
I’m new with this stuff lol
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Ashley
We recommend contacting Walmart Moneycard directly in the case of getting money back. You can find their contact number under HELP&FAQS - Contact us, at
judy nelson
the only reason I want to cancel is that when I go to the website to activate it kicks me out of the screen and won,t let me finish. need to fix this.
Recently I purchased a walmartmoney card not realizing that a social security number is required, If one has no social security number what is the next step?
OneHowTo Editor
You will need to contact Walmart moneycard in order to know how to proceed in this case.
Hope this helps
I received a Walmart Money card as a gift. The individual that gave it to me thought it was a gift card. I was not familiar with money cards and did not realize what it was until I tried to use it. I do not feel comfortable giving my personal information for a card I will not use again. Please advise me what do about this situation. Thank you.
How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard
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How to cancel my Walmart MoneyCard

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