How To Get An Indian Passport Online

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 15, 2022
How To Get An Indian Passport Online

If you are planning to go out of India, you will have to show your Indian passport to the authorities. Actually, a passport is one of the most reliable identity proofs for anyone, and you will not be allowed to step out of India if you don’t have a passport. Whether you are planning to go to Dubai, USA or any other part of the world, they will need your passport before they can allow you to enter their boundaries. Getting an Indian passport has now become easy and quick with its online facility. We have already told you how to apply for a ration card online. Here at oneHOWTO, we will tell you how to get an Indian passport online.

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Steps to follow:

Visit the Passport Seva website, click on the ‘Register Now’ button and then ‘Apply’.

How To Get An Indian Passport Online - Step 1

Fill in the form to create an online account on the site. You will have to enter the passport office of the city you are living in, your exact name as it appears on other documents of your identity proof, and some other simple details. Then click on ‘Register’.


Now return to the Passport Seva site, and click the ‘Login’ button in green color. Enter your email id, and then click on ‘Continue’. Enter your email id, password, and the captcha image shown, and then click on ‘Login’.


Click on ‘Apply for a Fresh Passport/ Reissue of Passport’


You may either download the available form, fill it by hand, and upload it back to the site, or simply fill in the details over the Internet. Filling the details online can save time and paper.


The next page will ask you whether you want to apply for a fresh passport, get an old passport reissued, or apply for a Tatkal or normal passport. Make your selection, and click on the ‘Next page’ button.


Enter your personal information again on this page, making sure that it matches with the information written on your other documents. Once you have done this, click on ‘Submit Application’ button on the bottom right corner.


Go back to web page where you clicked on ‘Apply for a Fresh Passport/ Reissue of Passport’ button. Here, click on ‘View Saved / Submitted applications’. You will see your recently submitted application here. Click on the radio button with it, and click on ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ tab. Select the option of ‘Online payment’, and then click ‘Next’.


You will see a list of passport offices in your city, along with the dates and times available for the appointment. Select your convenient time, date and location of the appointment, enter characters in the captcha image, and then click on ‘Next’. Then click on ‘Pay and Book Appointment’ button.


You will be directed to your selected payment gateway. Make your payment and visit the Passport Seva site once again. Here, now you will see your ‘Appointment Confirmation’ page with all details of your appointment


Take a print out of your application receipt, and keep it safe for future reference. You will also need to show this receipt at the PSK during your appointment.


Now you will have to go to the selected passport office for appointment on the designated date and time,remember to bring along all the required documents. After police verification, your passport application procedure will be complete, and you will receive your passport right at your doorstep via mail. Until then, you can track the status of your passport application on the passport seva website.

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How To Get An Indian Passport Online
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How To Get An Indian Passport Online

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