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How To Dress For A Business Dinner

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Dress For A Business Dinner

Business dinners are organised to strengthen the bonds between workers, to let them connect on a new level and to build new professional business relationships. For this reason, if you go to one, you cannot give off the wrong image. Let's think. What should you wear? Calm down, Beyoncé. In this OneHowTo article, there are some tips so you know how to dress for a business dinner.

Steps to follow:


The best thing for this type of event is to not overdo it, but rather to go with elegant and discreet attire. Business meals are not the best times to flaunt the flesh or dress like you're out on the town for a Saturday night party. For example, men should wear a suit jacket. In this case, they can forget about the tie. Women can opt for a discreet dress, a suit or a blouse and a skirt.

How To Dress For A Business Dinner - Step 1

If you are a man or a woman, avoid glitter, sequins and plunging necklines. These clothes are usually worn at parties with friends. Not for business lunches. Remember that no matter how close a relationship you have with your co-workers and boss, appearances always deceive, your boss is not your friend, whether in the office or outside. They will always be your boss.

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Relax, but not too much. If you've dressed elegantly but discreet, make sure your attitude goes with the outfit you're wearing. A suit always helps you keep your wits about you.


What type of dress is best for a business lunch? The basics never fail. That is, simple dresses of a single color such as a little black dress, with black sharp pointed shoes and a handbag matching with the shoes. A perfect choice. Or, for example, a white blouse and a pencil skirt is also an ideal look for a business lunch outfit.

How To Dress For A Business Dinner - Step 4

Now, the accessories. If the clothes you have chosen are simple, you can wear more jewellery. However, if you wear very ornate attire, do not show up looking like a clown. Do not to abuse the accessories or the make-up.

How To Dress For A Business Dinner - Step 5

Finally, do not forget to go to the hairdresser and find a hairstyle according to the outfit you're going to wear. You can also take a look at some stylish hairstyles from the Internet if you can't make it to a professional's. Make sure that the whole look flows from the top of your head down to the finery and your shoes.

Our final tip is to always dress respectably.

How To Dress For A Business Dinner - Step 6

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How To Dress For A Business Dinner