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How to Be a Finance Professor

Jacob Kubik
By Jacob Kubik. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be a Finance Professor

Among the tons and tons of jobs available in the business world, not all are in actual big companies, however they're just as or even more important than those that are. One of the more important professions in business would be a finance professor because finance is present in all business organizations. Professors work in colleges and universities to educate the next generation in the ways of finance and business. Professors are usually in strong demand and it is not always the most popular field as teaching is pretty hard.

This article will discuss step-by-step how to be a finance professor.

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Steps to follow:


Get your Undergrad

The first step on the road to become a finance professor is getting your undergraduate degree or bachelor's degree. Obviously the most popular undergraduate degree for a finance professor will be a major in finance, but other business concentrated majors will work as well. You can also switch into finance with a master's degree or for your doctorate degree as well. This will take you around four years to achieve the degree.

  • Plan on getting good grades if you want to teach at a prestigious university as it will be much harder getting into a good college for your upper-level degrees.
  • You should try to participate in other activities including business clubs and organizations. This will give you connections and help sharpen your skills.

Internships and Experience

The next step after (or during for internships) your undergraduate is to gain some experience in the finance field. For those planning on going straight to being a finance professor internships are a great way to gain valuable experience while in school. Lots of internship programs are during the summer when school is usually out, so it makes gaining experience while studying easy.

For those who plan on either having a break in between their bachelor's and upper-level degrees or who plan on teaching later in life, you should use this time to gain some work experience in a financial field. This will help you bring experience into your finance professor position and could allow you to teach a broader of variety of classes than just having the doctorate.

  • Gaining work experience outside of your professorship is important no matter which path you're taking to become a finance professor. Most colleges will want you to bring in outside and real-job experience to teach to students going into those fields.
How to Be a Finance Professor - Step 2

The Master's Degree

A master's degree is generally required before participating in acquiring your doctorate, but some colleges may offer a program that lets you first get your master's degree and then get your doctorate. Your master's degree should be in a finance related field and should enhance the skills you wish to teach once achieving your doctorate and becoming a finance professor.

  • Doing well during your master's schooling will help greatly with getting a position in a good school for your doctorate.

Earning your Ph.D

The final step is to study and earn your doctorate degree. To be a finance professor your Ph.D should be in finance. A doctorate program in finance will be very high in mathematics and statistics, but will be very rewarding. Once you have finished your dissertation you will have your doctorate and will have answered your question on how to be a finance professor.

  • Professors in the business field are very much in demand as there are more positions open than there are applicants. Because of this they usually tend to have a hefty salary.

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I want to ask a question related to the master's degree .
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How to Be a Finance Professor