What Does It Take to Start a Food Truck

Jacob Kubik
By Jacob Kubik. Updated: June 3, 2018
What Does It Take to Start a Food Truck

Everywhere you look there are restaurants. They're in cities, towns, parks, and beaches around the world. Each different one seems to have its own unique way of doing things that brings customers in the door day after day. Some have even gone past the traditional restaurant and become mobile. They've bought a truck, decked it out with cooking gear, and drive across the country selling delicious food to anyone lucky enough to find it. But what does it take to start a food truck? Read this OneHowTo article to find out.

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Steps to follow:


Acquire a Work space

First and foremost you're going to need a place to work from, and since this is an article about food trucks, you're going to need a truck. Makes sense doesn't it? Once you have the truck you're going to need to equip it with the proper food equipment you'll need to cook your specific food in.

You should think about designing your truck as well. Make it stand out from the background and make sure it's something that will grab peoples attention. This can be done by either bright colors or a cool design on the outside of the truck. Try to give a new twist to your food truck by doing something different from other food trucks. This will make your truck stick out and be likable.


Get Licensed

Yes, sadly it is not as easy as jumping in a truck and selling hot dogs to strangers. You have to acquire the proper licenses to operate your food truck legally. Every city will be different, but the general things you will need are health department certificates, truck permits, and parking permits. This can be a tricky process and it may take some time to get a food truck license as some cities have a max number of licenses or permits to give out at one time.


Get Funding

The beginning of any new business requires a good bit of capital, so it's best to get some help with this part. Try to get some funding from local companies that can be sponsored by your truck. Maybe the food items you sell in your truck all came from a certain grocery store, or alternatively you can get a loan to pay for everything you'll need and pay back the loan as you go. You could even start a GoFundMe to try to raise some money for beginning your food truck career.


Pick Up Some Insurance

You're going to need some good insurance because your entire business is in a truck, and if you didn't realize it, trucks get into many more accidents than non-moving buildings. Insurance will ensure that you can receive money back if any damages occur to your food truck during an accident, vandalism, or any other damaging situation that happens.


Make Use Of Social Media

Social media is a great way to get the attention of a community. Using your various different accounts you can promote your food and get people to know your business. If you plan on moving around a city or country, then social media is also an excellent way of letting people know where you're going to be. You could even use it to promote certain specials for the day or any other special menu items from day to day.

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What Does It Take to Start a Food Truck