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How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter

By Sara . Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter

From January 1, 2011, it is mandatory to be KYC (Know Your Client) complaint for anyone who wants to have transaction in Mutual Funds, however big or small the transaction amount may be. So, according to the CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) norms, no one will be able to process any fresh Mutual Fund purchase from January 1, 2011, unless he/she is an MF KYC complaint.

You can always ask your broker to get you the forms and then submit them for your KYC. But here at OneHowto we are going to tell you how to get a KYC acknowledgement letter yourself.

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Steps to follow:


The first step you need to take in order to get your KYC acknowledgement letter is to download the KYC form the following link:

You can choose the type of form you need (either an Individual or a non Individual form).


The next step is to enter all the details required in the KYC form correctly.

How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter - Step 2

Attach a copy of the PAN card and the passport along with the KYC form. If you don’t have a passport then any document containing your address or similar proof would also be acceptable.


Find out where your nearest Point of Service (PoS) which accepts the KYC form and documents is. You can find your nearest PoS following this link. You'll need to visit the PoS in order to hand the previously mentioned form in.

How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter - Step 4

Visit the PoS and then submit the following documents:

1. Original KYC Form with Photo and signature

2. Self attested copy of PAN Card

3. Self attested copy of Passport or document containing the address proof

Make sure that you are carrying the original documents along with the Xerox copy because they may want to check the originals.

How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter - Step 5

Then, you'll only need to collect the KYC Acknowledgement Letter from your local Point of Service.

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rajesh kumar
download kyc acknowledge ment
I am KYC compliant, have already registered for KYC, but cannot download the acknowledgement letter...Please help me in getting the same
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Rajendra,

As the article states, you will only receive the KYC acknowledgement letter from the Point of Service once you have submitted the form successfully. It is not something you can download. We hope this helps clarify!
I am having EPFO Logo , UAN No & UAN Logo then pls tell me How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter
OneHowTo Editor
Please follow the instructions mentioned above to get a KYC acknowledgement letter.
Hope this helps
Hi, The link provided for the list of PoS is empty when you open it. Also how do I get a KYC acknowledgement letter if I am already KYC registered ?
Michael Riley (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Praneeth, We just checked the link and it has a list of all the forms - maybe you should try opening it in a different browser if it does not display correctly. With regard to your other question we suggest it is best to speak to your broker about getting the letter if you are already registered as they may be able to advise on a quicker procedure.
Now i received the new PAN CARD with modification of my date of Birth also received the New PAN Card. Please send me the KYC acknowledgement Letter
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How to Get a KYC Acknowledgement Letter