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Office Plants that Don't Need Sunlight

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 7, 2019
Office Plants that Don't Need Sunlight

Office plants are known to improve the overall mood of the workplace, in addition to adding significantly to its aesthetics. But not every plant can flourish in the indoor environment. Most plants need water, soil and sunlight to survive, but some can stay alive and even prosper indoors. Here at, we are going to discuss about some of the office plants that don't need sunlight to bloom.

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Steps to follow:

Spider plant: These are graceful green, pointed, thin leaves with white or cream stripes. They look great when grown in pots or hanging baskets. Keep them on windowsills or near the entry gate, as they like indirect exposure to sunlight. Their leaves may burn if kept in direct sunlight. So, they are ideal office plants that don’t need sunlight.


Japanese sedge: It is a very attractive ornamental grass that loves prospering in the shade. Grow it in a small wide pot, and keep it on the passageway. It flourishes indoors, and can survive without any sunlight at all.


Devil’s Ivy: Also called as Money Plant, people in the Asian countries widely grow it as a plant inside their house or office. They commonly link it with wealth and prosperity, and see it as a sign of richness. This vine requires very low maintenance and thrives well without sunlight. Being an excellent climber, it can grow almost anywhere in your office, including reception, meeting room, passageway, private cabins, and even washrooms. It proves to be beneficial for the health of your staff as well, as it is known to clean the carbon monoxide from the inside air.

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Sword fern: This proves to be a gorgeous evergreen indoor plant, as it does not need to be placed under sunlight. It thrives well when planted in acidic soil. The soil should be kept moist all the time, but it should be well-drained too. It prospers well in humidity, because of which it needs regular misting.

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Philodendron: This plant adapts well to low light conditions. You can find both shrub and vine varieties of the plant. Try to keep the soil constantly moist without being wet all the time. You can allow the soil to dry out a bit in between the watering sessions.


Umbrella palm: It is an evergreen plant that grows best in shady, boggy spots, and even indoors. It is extremely easy to plant and maintain. As it needs constant moist substrate, keep its pot submerged inside water. You may also place its pot in a water filled tray.


Bromeliad: Most varieties of Bromeliads thrive well in containers kept in shade. Although this plant is tropical in nature, it grows well almost anywhere, even indoors. Even luminescent light is enough for it to thrive.


Dracaena: This one is a beautiful indoor plant that you can grow inside an office. There are around 50 species to choose from. It is very easy to plant, grow and maintain this plant, as all that it needs is regular watering and pruning. But avoid over-watering, and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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Office Plants that Don't Need Sunlight