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How to Work at IKEA

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 6, 2022
How to Work at IKEA
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IKEA is a really attractive company when you first begin working. The good atmosphere among employees, the opportunity to start a career with a future, their working philosophy based on humility and continuing professional development are some of the reasons why this Swedish company is so valued by job searchers.

If you are interested in joining them, stay with us at OneHowTo and we'll show you how to work at IKEA.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing to do to get a job at IKEA is to go to their website; that's where job offers are advertised. On their website you will find a page called "Jobs at IKEA" at the bottom right of the page. It is there where you can see the different job offers in different stores and departments in your country.


If you want to work at IKEA, you should put aside your fears; this is a company in which there is room for all types of profiles. Remember that within such a company's operations they need staff for administration, accounting, checkout operators, purchasing, customer service, decorators, marketing and communication or restoration. Anyone may have the qualities needed to fill a particular post in IKEA, including you.


When you see the various offers, choose the one that best suits your profile. You'll need to sign up and send your CV and a cover letter.


Your cover letter is a very important point. You shouldn't limit yourself to just giving information about your studies, as this can already be seen on your CV. Rather it is an opportunity to tell the company about your ambitions, objectives and qualities as a worker. You must show them what you will bring to the company.

You should show the reader that you've researched the company. If you're applying to work at IKEA, make sure they can tell why you want a job specifically there.


You will also carry out an initial compatibility test with the company. It is a very simple test which acts as a first filter to see if you are really compatible with the work philosophy of IKEA.


If the company believes you are qualified for the position, you'll need to perform a test with 78 questions. This is the first phase of the official selection process. It is an important step in working with IKEA. They will likely ask questions about your passion for home furnishing, your performance in teams and as an independent worker, etc.


After this step, there will be the group dynamics phase, usually with 8 or 9 people. In these group dynamics phase it is important to be cooperative. For IKEA, the most important thing is teamwork, which is why you should try to make it clear that you can work with other people without causing conflict.


On the same day there will be a basic personal interview where you will need to share your experience and respond to some questions.


Depending on the position you want, you may have more interviews with different managers. This is another filter that should not frighten us. It is best to face these interviews head on, act naturally and show how we really are.

Have you ever worked at IKEA? Do you have any tips?

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How to Work at IKEA