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How To Be A Very Good Employee

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 31, 2019
How To Be A Very Good Employee

We all want a good boss who is respectful, values your work, is nice and considerate, but are you a good employee? Are you a worker that most of your supervisors would not hesitate to recommend? Not all the weight falls directly onto management's shoulders in the labor market. We all partly share the responsibility of creating a pleasant team working atmosphere. In this OneHowTo.com article, we offer some suggestions for you to learn how to be a very good employee.

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Steps to follow:


The most important rule if you want to be a very good employee is to be committed and responsible, always give your best at work and take on more tasks that you are assigned as long as you don't tread on anybody else's work. It's also important to assume consequences of your actions and decisions in the workplace.


Have good organisational skills, be able to put things into order and deliver projects and effectively submit your assignments on time. Show your abilities by always keeping your workplace organized as well as your computer desktop if you work with one.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 2

Be punctual. There is nothing more irritating for a boss or a team than someone who is unable to arrive at places on time. This demonstrates irresponsibility and even negligence by the employee, so avoid it at all costs.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 3

Be a good listener and offer feedback. This doesn't only mean listening to what your peers have to say but also being able to give ideas and opinions and foster a dynamic of participatory work.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 4

Act professionally with self-control, by being capable of separating your personal life from your work life. Have the necessary emotional intelligence to manage any conflict and stress in an effective manner.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 5

Be honest and friendly, by respecting your teammates regardless of whether you like them on a personal level or not. Act with sincerity and transparency when working for the business.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 6

Being a good employee does not mean having an attitude to 'benefit' your boss or make the job easier. It's more about benefiting you and only you. We develop a reputation from however we behave in the working world, so if you're a good worker your reputation will always proceed you.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 7

Make sure you set yourself goals to achieve, not only the ones given to you by your superiors, this will keep you focused and happy in the workplace, qualities that all good worker should have.

How To Be A Very Good Employee - Step 8

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How To Be A Very Good Employee