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How To Supervise Employees Effectively

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 5, 2018
How To Supervise Employees Effectively

Any position in supervision or management of employees is not always easy, because you need to have the right skills for the job, in addition to the right attitude to handle a particular group of people. Managing people can be very stressful and have damaging effects on your health, so at oneHOWTO we offer some effective strategies for supervising employees effectively.

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Steps to follow:

First we'll state the obvious: Treat your staff with respect, tact, empathy and ethics, i.e. do not treat your staff in a way you would not want to be treated, a basic concept that applies to both work and personal life. But this is not just for moral or ethical reasons: By forging a positive relationship with your staff, they will think of you as somebody who supports them and is there to help, rather than as just a boss who simply tells them what to do. Your job will be much easier if you are working with your staff, rather than against them.

How To Supervise Employees Effectively - Step 1

Be a positive example for your employees and peers, act how you expect them to act, otherwise you can hardly ask them to achieve anything if they don't see you doing it yourself.


Find a middle ground between ensuring that your team are fulfilling the demands of the company and carrying out the commitments of their contracts, and being a supportive manager who understands individuals' needs and is willing to try and accommodate them.

Your team should see you as a person who is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as someone who is willing to defend them when necessary but it is also clear how things work within the business and as someone who upholds the culture of the business.

How To Supervise Employees Effectively - Step 3

Be communicative and open with your employees, say what you need effectively, set objectives and learn to delegate. Be sure not to overlook anything that you think is necessary for your staff to know, or something that may seem obvious to you but may not be to them. The clearer you are, the better your leadership, and the more openly you communicate, the more you employees will feel able to communicate with you.

How To Supervise Employees Effectively - Step 4

Although a situation or an employee may make you feel like yelling, always keep calm. Losing control will make you lose the reason and valid point of your argument. If you don't maintain your professionalism, you might risk being accused of workplace bullying or harassment.


Be patient, remember that part of the job includes dealing with different types of people. There are going to be some positive and some more negative attitudes. Use communication as a tool to let an employee know when they are not meeting their objectives but do it calmly and patiently.


No one wants an overbearing supervisor that always acts like they are better than their employees. Establish rules and regulations, make them clear so your employees comply with them. If anyone breaks them constantly you will need to face the problem in a way you consider logical and fair, but you cannot waste the working day watching every little thing they do and micromanaging your employees. They will resent you for it and it is not an effective use of your time.

How To Supervise Employees Effectively - Step 7

If you feel you've failed as a supervisor or you do not feel happy with the way your employees are working as a team, try a special training course to improve your skills. Remember, the idea is that you and your employees will have the opportunity to grow under your supervision.

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  • Respect is essential to monitor and manage any group
  • Be an example and a reflection of good behaviour and remember that communication is the key to managerial success

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How To Supervise Employees Effectively