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How Do Businesses Make Money

Jacob Kubik
By Jacob Kubik. Updated: August 3, 2020
How Do Businesses Make Money

The main goal for pretty much any company is to make a profit, and many companies do this quite successfully. It is how they are able to keep their business running and pay for all its employees and provide services to customers. Of course a company cannot do something for nothing, so it makes sense that the outcome would be making a profit, but how do busnesses make money? Find out in this OneHowTo article.

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  1. Advertising
  2. Selling a Product
  3. Providing a Service
  4. Selling Employee Skills


One of the first ways businesses make money is through advertisements. This form of business is quite popular with Internet-based companies as they are able to reach a very big number of people in a short amount of time. This is because almost everyone in today's world has a social media account of some kind. There are ads on Facebook timelines, on Twitter feeds, on blog websites, and even Youtube shows ads before you're able to watch a video. It's just a very simple way for a company to make money, especially if they're adding it to an already popular website. This is a very popular side hustle too.

Selling a Product

Probably the biggest way companies make money is through the selling of products. In this way a company is able to produce a certain product that they are legally allowed to create (they have not somehow copyright infringed on another's idea) and sell it for a profit. This means that all costs of making the product like the cost of materials, cost of machines, and cost of labor will be less than the selling of the end product. It's very easy for a business to go into debt if they do not make enough on each product sold because it will soon become worthless to make as they are losing money.

How Do Businesses Make Money - Selling a Product

Providing a Service

Another very popular way a company is able to make money is by providing a service to customers. This can be anything from making food to installing washing machines. A restaurant will make money by selling each customer food, and the food should be sold at a price that will earn a profit after the purchase of ingredients.

Selling Employee Skills

Businesses can also make money by selling the expertise of their workers. This is not the typical conclusion to come to as how businesses make money, but it does exist. For instance private military or defense companies hire trained and highly talented personnel who will be able to assist their clients with their needs. They are usually called mercenaries and make a big amount of money for private defense firms.

Business companies that do auditing or analyzing can also do this as well. They may send an employee to help another company figure out why they are having problems, or to look for any fraud in their accounts.

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How Do Businesses Make Money