What to Do When an ATM Swallows Your Card

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Do When an ATM Swallows Your Card

It has happened to everyone, that an ATM swallows our credit cards or debit cards. Has it not happened to you yet? In any case, you should be prepared and be clear about the steps to take if something like this happens. Stay calm, because on we explain what to do when an ATM swallows your card.

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Steps to follow:

If an ATM swallows your card, the first step and the most important thing is to tell your bank. So call the bank's customer helpline as soon as possible. On we recommend you do not leave the place and make sure the card is blocked or cancelled. Do you know the number that you should call? Ask your bank or do an Internet search in order to find the correct number.


During your call, remember you'll have to provide your data to identify yourself as well as other information needed for your bank so they can block or cancel your card safely. Remember that if the ATM card is swallowed, telling your bank is essential to avoid complications.


Experts also recommend that we check our bank balance and movements to be sure that everything is in order. You can do it from the office of your bank or explain everything that has happened to you, or over the phone. If afterwards the ATM swallows the card keep an eye out for any irregularities. Discuss it with your bank branch.


Any other steps to follow if the ATM has swallowed your card? Request a new card as a replacement for the old one. Your bank will explain all the steps you need to complete.


However, the best solution when an ATM swallows your card is usually prevention. That is to say, to prevent this happening, be sure to check that the slot of the ATM is free, that it works correctly and that it has not been tampered with. Remember that there are many cases of scams and fraud by stealing or duplicating cards by placing a deceptive device in these slots, where we introduce our cards. There are many ways of protecting your card from theft and scams, this is just one of the ways you can prevent this from happening.


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What to Do When an ATM Swallows Your Card
What to Do When an ATM Swallows Your Card

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