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What Kind of Jobs You can Get With a Finance Degree

What Kind of Jobs You can Get With a Finance Degree

A finance degree can get you into lots of corners of the business world. Finance is present in almost all business related fields, so it makes the degree a very versatile one. The field of finance can be a pretty lucrative field for those who are willing to tough it out in the business world. Finance involves a large amount of mathematics and isn't a career path for those who dread the thought of the word 'math'. Most jobs with a finance degree also involve a bit of talking to customers, so being comfortable talking to people is a good skill as well.

In this article I'll discuss what kind of jobs you can get with a finance degree.

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Financial Analyst

A financial analyst researches an individual's or company's financial status to get an idea of their resources. They then suggest the best ways to proceed with resources and to increase business. They must keep track of the status of the business world and the best ways a company can invest resources. You can find out how to be a financial analyst here.

Median salary: $56,928

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant is another of the jobs you can get with a finance degree. Their job is to advise individuals or companies on the best way to manage their money. They work with the individual and do their best to create a plan for the best use of the client's money.

Median salary: $66,529

Finance Manager

A finance degree can also land you a job as a finance manager. The job consists of growing and managing company budgets and resources. They work with other managers and workers to devise certain budgets for projects within the company and make sure the company stays within the set budget.

Median salary: $84,800

Financial Planner

A fourth job option with a finance degree is to become a financial planner. They suggest to their clients the best way to use their money for investments, and in some cases they are in-charge of investing for their clients. They take investment options, taxes, and other crucial financial information needed to advise the best way to use money.

Median salary: $60,252

Investment Banker

A potentially very profitable job is an investment banker. Clients come to investment bankers or their organizations to raise money for certain projects or other needed capital. They are a sort of middle man (or woman) between investors and companies wishing to raise money. They can earn great bonuses and sometimes commission which makes the job potentially very profitable if you're good at it.

Median salary: $84,290

Finance Director

A job in the management sector of finance is a finance director. They are in charge of managing a finance team to find the money needed by the company. They also are in charge of jobs such as hiring, scheduling, and other duties needed to manage their team.

Median salary: $104,842

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What Kind of Jobs You can Get With a Finance Degree
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What Kind of Jobs You can Get With a Finance Degree