The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques For Your Business

The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques For Your Business

Using social networks to promote a new business is not only highly effective, but it's something that also can become a powerful tool for online marketing at low cost. With few barriers to entry and a bit of basic know-how required to get started, is there any better way to promote a new company through social media?

If you want to start to increase the visibility of your online business using social media, here at oneHOWTO we show you how to do it step by step.

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Steps to follow:

Choose where to focus your efforts according to the resources you have: it's no good setting up a page on every social network under the sun if you are not going to generate appealing content and connect with other users.

If your new business is very visual for example, Pinterest and Instagram could be the best options. Think about where most potential customers will be online and plan accordingly. If your company is all about technology and networking, try promoting your business on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Whichever social networks you decide to use to promote your business, you should write a short biography about your company, indicating always what the purpose is and highlighting your services, products and offerings. Exactly what you include will depend on the nature of your business and which social networks you are using. Use inbuilt tools such as hashtags on Instagram to help your page appear in search results.


Be active and respond to everyone: answer all your customers, invite your friends to your new page on Facebook and generate interaction. This will increase the visibility of your page to other users, and overtime will be sure to accumulate followers and fans.

You should also add a welcome message to all your new members, followers, fans .etc.


Don't use your new social network just to talk about your company: it just doesn't create a good image and certainly users who are followers or fans will end up abandoning your website.

Help others by sharing interesting information, as well as articles and other websites of interest (always related to your topic!).


Tell everyone that your business has a Facebook page, Twitter, FourSquare and so on and so forth. Share your opinion frequently with blogs, forums and other social networks. Always leave a link to your pages!


Drive traffic to your website with strategic link-building! Yes, it is wrong to SPAM, but who hasn't left a strategic link somewhere on a social network to receive visits to their webpage.

You can share one of your items on a page of a similar theme and ask other users for opinions - to avoid being a spammer just make sure that your contribution is genuinely interesting content and adds to the conversation you are trying to take part in.


Try interact with all the fans and users within the community. Social media sites are an unbelievably effective way to build relationships with people you have never met. Engaging people on social media could mean they become future clients. Why not send followers a private message each month with an exclusive offer that might interest them?

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  • Social networks are a great opportunity to position a company as a leader in emerging markets. Follow all the steps and do not miss your chance!