How to Run a Clothing Store

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 23, 2017
How to Run a Clothing Store

If you have a retail business related to the fashion world, there are some unique considerations you might need to make to ensure your outlet runs smoothly and generates sales. A shop with thoughtful organisation should lead to a successful business which will profit in the future.

Let explain how to run a clothing store to ensure a high level of sales and help you achieve success in this very competitive market.

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Steps to follow:

In a successful clothing store, product presentation is key in capturing the attention and interest of the customer. There are a number of considerations to be made when improving the image of your store and putting your product in an attractive and desirable context.

Taking care of your window display is very important, as you make sure to promote the right items to the demographic to whom you want to sell. Providing a harmonious balance between colors and textures will help pique the interest of even casual passersby. The windows will work similar to the cover of a catalogue as an appealing design will make people want to go inside just as a cover will encourage people to turn the pages.

You want to think of your overall brand image, even if you intend on selling articles of clothing from many different brands. There should be an overarching design theme which is attractive, organized and current. Window shoppers are impressed by effort and an artistic bent to your display can help encourage wealthy shoppers who want to spend money on quality goods.

How to Run a Clothing Store - Step 1

Choose the products you want to display in the window carefully as they will reflect what is inside. You should consider whether you want formal or casual wear (or mixture of both), loud or muted colors and simple or high concept displays. You should also change it frequently to showcase new products or new offerings. Don't make it too cluttered or haphazard looking.

Once inside the store, the customer should feel comfortable and at ease with the whole environment. It is essential that the store is well organized in sections by types of clothing, offers and even shades of colour. The customer should be able to find what they want without having to ask for help. The different combinations of colours and textures facilitate the search for an item and related accessories. For example, you should keep ties close to shirts as it is likely a customer might want to buy these items together and having to traipse to another end of the store might affect their willingness to buy.

It is preferable that the client never has to ask where something is, so store personal can focus their attention on advice and upselling. Employees must be well coordinated to meet the needs of the buyer, knowing the products well and always showing respect.

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Other factors in organizing the store include the importance of hotspots which are more likely points of sale within the establishment. These areas are often located in sections with heaviest flows of customer traffic such as the main entrance or other areas where people need to pass through.

A good display table with a selection of interesting and special items can make a significant difference. This area should be changed frequently and well signposted so that the client does not pass without seeing it, thus encouraging them to make a purchase. Lining the queue for the til with attractive or low priced items encourages sales as people will often look at them whilst waiting to make their purchase. The store should have a visual logic and natural flow to prevent customers from being confused and less likely to buy something due to an awkward shopping experience.

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In operating a successful store, a competent and motivated staff is essential. There should be a manager to coordinate the other employees and troubleshoot any day to day problems. The importance of teamwork can't be underestimated as all areas of the business need to work together smoothly.

Staff must always be well trained, interested in fashion, provide a positive presence and understand the importance of providing good customer service and advice. Treating your staff with respect and offering incentives (such as staff discount) will reap better rewards than fascistic management techniques. If your staff do not have a healthy outlook when it comes to the store, they could undermine your profit margins and even overlook thefts.

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How to Run a Clothing Store
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How to Run a Clothing Store

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