How to Reject a Job Offer Politely

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Reject a Job Offer Politely

Have you been offered a job but it does not meet your high expectations? Then it is time for be completely honest and to inform the company that you are not interested in their humble offering, but how can you do that without losing face? There are some ways you can get away from this situation whilst also bonding with the recruiter and the human resources department, thus ensuring your professional reputation doesn't get dragged through the mucky mud. In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to refuse a job offer politely by giving you some tips that we hope will be helpful throughout your working life.

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Steps to follow:

Before rejecting a job offer it is important that you think about what you are throwing away. Ensure you really are not interested in the job. We can become rather impulsive when the salary, schedule or tasks to be performed fall far below our standards and dignity, but there are many other aspects that are worth weighing up. For example, if there is a possibility for growth within the company, if the sector interests you, if there is an opportunity to increase the salary later on...

Before jumping straight to a final decision, think about the pros and cons that come with that decision. If you see fit to decline the job, talk to your family and friends because an external pair of eyes is always positive and brings new light to the question.


If the job is definitely not for you, there are different ways you can reject the job offer without causing drama. One of them is in writing. Write a lovely letter or an e-mail and send it to the contact person that you spoke with during the selection process. This communication should be very cordial, thank them for the opportunity but explain quite frankly and honestly why you are not interested in the job. Above all it is essential to be polite and to always show a professional attitude. It is important not to close future portals.


Over the phone you can also reject a job offer by speaking slowly with the head of the selection process and by listing the reasons why you will not accept the post that is currently on offer. Before making this call, we recommend that you prepare yourself so that during the conversation you do not beat around the dreaded mulberry bush and say things that basically are not appropriate and which you do not want to say.

Being honest is good, but do not forget that the bottom line is that you are grateful and cordial. That is to say, instead of saying horrible things about the company, it is far more appropriate to say something like "the proposed salary does not meet my very high expectations." Be sincere but polite, that's the trick!

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But, without any doubt, the best way to reject a job offer is in person. Direct communication is much more humane, clear and cordial than any other form. Here you can clearly state your reasons and, if necessary, you can negotiate. Who knows? Maybe they are willing to make some changes so that the job itself begins to tickle your fancy. Speaking to people lets you understand and be understood. Work is all about the relationship between the employer and the employee, so communication is essential to both parties.

Similarly, even if they are not willing to negotiate, face to face is always the best way to understand your motives and to be able to refuse this offer but making them hold on to your CV for any other vacancies. In the labour field, you should never close doors. Always try to show yourself as responsible and professional.

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In short, to reject a job we want to give you a smattering of handy tips that will help you do it in the best possible way:

  • Above all, before saying "no" to a job, we recommend that you value the conditions you lay down and think long term, do not focus on the offer that crops up in the first instance.
  • When you go to reject the job, the first thing you have to do is thank the company for the opportunity they have given you and for the wonderful trust they have placed in you.
  • When explaining your reasons, try to be clear, concise and polite. Do not go and beat around the mulberry bush or give more explanations than necessary.
  • Exhibit a close and friendly attitude by not slamming the door in their faces. They may chase after you and offer you something better. Never challenge or attack the company that wants to hire you.

And above all, to avoid ruining the rest of your professional life, with great caution, we advise you to think carefully before accepting an offer and review the conditions well. The workplace, the industry and the employers may well be able to cough up the cash and the position you truly deserve. In this way, you will get the interviews you want and you will become truly productive. You won't waste your time or company time by going after jobs that do not interest you. Before sending résumés blindly to everyone, get the truth about the working conditions.

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How to Reject a Job Offer Politely
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How to Reject a Job Offer Politely

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