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How to Reduce Stress at Work

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How to Reduce Stress at Work

Sometimes the workday feels horribly long and you feel swamped by tasks. It might seem impossible to find the time to ease all that stress, but some well-managed minutes are enough to dramatically improve your productivity, enjoyment and health.

Here at OneHowTo we'll give you some guidance on how to reduce stress at work so that you're always at the top.

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Steps to follow:

Take a short break to practice deep breathing. Breathe in and out, letting your thorax and belly expand and stretch when you inhale. Exhale slowly. Close your eyes if you can.


Move a bit. Change your location - stand up from your desk and walk around the office. Perhaps a trip to the water cooler? It's simple, but it'll help you put your thoughts in order and focus on your task at hand - and it will stretch your legs.


Laugh! Try to remember your favorite joke - share it with a desk neighbor if you can - or just laugh for the sake of it. It's actually very useful to reduce stress!


Bring a small toy to ease stress at the office. You can share them with your workmates: a mini-basket, darts, a boxing bag if you have the space, or simply a stress ball. This sounds silly, but it's a very good strategy to relax.


Set up a relaxing playlist with soft music. If you can, listen to it with your eyes closed.


Imagine yourself resting at your favorite holiday location, or picture yourself finishing that big presentation you've been working on. Get inspired to ease your stress!


Avoid sources of stress as far as possible. Learn how to be more productive, using mind maps or apps. Have as good a relationship with your boss and colleagues as you can - your day at the office will be quite enjoyable!

Know yourself and pick and choose among our tips on how to reduce stress at work. The change will be noticeable.

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  • Agrega recordatorios útiles en el protector de pantalla, o agrega una frase o una broma que te haga reír.
  • Utiliza el sentido común y ten en cuenta lo que es apropiado para tu lugar de trabajo.

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How to Reduce Stress at Work
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How to Reduce Stress at Work