How to Move to Gibraltar from the UK

How to Move to Gibraltar from the UK

Gibraltar is one of the fourteen British Overseas Territories. Spain has had quite a political tension with the region for more than 3 centuries, but the people of Gibraltar are happy to live under the jurisdiction of the UK. Believe it or not, Gibraltar is very much British. Almost everything about the region is English, including TV, food and newspaper. Although most people speak English language fluently, you will be more comfortable if you know Spanish as well. In fact, if you possess a UK passport, you can just simply buy a ticket, buy a home there, find a job there and start living. If you are looking for more information on how to move to Gibraltar from the UK, this oneHOWTO article will prove to be of your help.

Why Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a 2.5 hours flight distance from London, which means that your time zone does not change when you relocate. It has a predictable and reliable common-law system, which you can enjoy along with an added advantage of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Financial services, tourism, port and shipping are some of the major industries that build the peninsula’s economy. Located right at the entrance of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar has a legal system of its own, based on the rules and models of the British. Gibraltar has the liberty to make its own tax rules, which is a major reason why many professionals and businessmen are planning to move to Gibraltar from the UK. There are no wealth taxes, capital gain taxes, inheritance taxes or taxes on pension or dividends. These entire advantages combine together to make Gibraltar a common destination to move from the UK.

Now you're convinced, take a look at your step by step move:

  1. Find a job: Contracts are very similar to those in the UK, so you won't have any problems understanding paperwork. If you are in IT, legal careers or in the service sector, you won't have much of a problem finding a job. They will only ask you to be fluent in English and to attend the job interview in person.
  2. Find a place to live: We advise you to find a place to live within Gibraltar to avoid queues at the border every day if you go to work by car, though flats are starting to grow in price. It is even more recommendable now that 'Brexit' is going to be effective as there will probably be more restrictions when crossing the border, even when crossing on foot. However, the prices can half in the neighboring coast of "La Linea de la Concepción".
  3. Move in: Though it is best if you move into a house that is already furnished, you might want to move your personal belongings or most treasured pieces of furniture. We advise you to ship them over rather than driving them down from the UK. It will be a huge hassle.

Certain tips to make your move easier

If you are planning to move to Gibraltar from the UK, here are a few tips that will make things easier for you:

  1. Although Gibraltar is British and their educational and official language is English, a considerable amount of population here speaks Spanish. Some even speak Llanito, which is a mixture of Spanish and English. So, if you are planning to make a move, try to get some grasp of Spanish as well.
  2. Gibraltar is a small territory with area covering only 2.6 square miles, and The Rock covers a big portion of the available land. In such a cramped space, it has a population of more than 30,000 people. Owing to these numbers, it becomes one of the most densely populated areas of the world. So, if you are used to living in a spacious environment with peace and silence, then Gibraltar is perhaps not the right place for you. With such a dense population, you are sure to find crowds of people wherever you go.
  3. If you own a car, try to sell if off before making your move. Gibraltar is a small peninsula which you can entirely cover on foot or on bike. Even if you are planning to cross the borders often, doing that by car will be too slow and hectic. A delay of a few hours is common. People blame the police for causing these delays just to annoy the British. Whether this is true or not, the best way to get through is on foot. So, if you are moving to Gibraltar, don’t take your car with you, as importing it will result in too much of an unnecessary expense.
  4. Most importantly, beware while buying tickets to cross the borders. If you are crossing it for the first time, you may be scammed by official looking, unauthorized fraudsters to buy these tickets. So, beware of them.

The final word

Despite the many issues the UK and Spain have about Gibraltar, it is a marvelous place to live in. There are several economical advantages of moving to Gibraltar from the UK as well. So, just grab your tickets and make the move. You will be glad to take such a nice decision for your own benefit.

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