How To Make Money Online For Teenagers

By Alba Charles . Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Money Online For Teenagers

Finding a job as a teenager can be quite a difficult task. Combining school with a job, even if it's part time, can be complicated and sometimes might be detrimental for school results. Besides, sometimes it's hard to find a summer job at a young age, as many employers won't hire inexperienced teenagers. However, the Internet offers a lot of job opportunities for young people. Making money online can be easy if you know what to look for and how to do it. Receiving some income from the Internet could be perfect to help you buy your own things and start building your career following small steps. By working online, you don't need to follow schedules that might get in the way of your studies. Besides, you can work from home, which means that you won't spend time commuting.

If you're interested in knowing which sites would pay teenagers, keep on reading this OneHowTo article on how to make money online for teenagers.

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Sell online

Surely you have a pile of things you don't use anymore. Don't think none of your things is worth-selling, you'd be surprised to know how many people is after that toy you're not using anymore. Sites as eBay are perfect for selling these things you're never going to use again.

If you're a crafty person, you might want to consider selling your creations online on Etsy. Etsy is an online market where you can sell anything hand-made and vintage. You need your parents' consent to register on Etsy if you're under 18 and your parent or guardian will have to be the one managing your shop. Once you have your shop, you'll be able to sell the things you've created to anyone interested in buying them.

Want to provide services online? Then Fiverr is the answer. Fiverr is an online market where you can offer tasks and services. For instance, let's imagine that you're good at designing. You could offer designing business cards and people might hire your services. Take a look at the website and the services people are offering and check if there's something you could do. Fiverr uses PayPal as a payment system.

How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Sell online

Review music

If you like music this is your chance to make money reviewing songs online. There are two major sites that pay you for reviewing music, MusicXray and Slice the Pie.

To register in MusicXray, you'll need a Facebook account and answer some questions about the type of music you like. Once you've registered, you'll start receiving music in your inbox. The website will pay you up to $0.10 to listen to a song and give feedback about it. The website will give you the money via PayPal once you've reached $20.

There is another website that offers you the opportunity to review music, Slice the Pie. This website will also ask you some questions about the type of music you like when you sign up. Once the registration is completed, you'll be able to choose which songs you want to review. Write your opinion about the song in four or five sentences and receive a payment. Most songs will give you $0.09 and you'll be able to redeem to your PayPal once you've reached $10.

How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Review music

Make money writing articles

If you like to write and you have outstanding writing skills, the Internet is your place. is a website where you can write articles about any topic and put them up for sale in the website. The price of the articles ranges from $2 to $7, but as you write more articles and get more sales, the price will go up. Don't feel down if you can't sell any article at the beginning, even professional writers struggle with this. You might end up writing a lot of articles that are never going to be bought, but think about it as experience.

A similar website to this one is Constant Content, where you can also upload your articles for potential buyers.

Other websites that offer opportunities for teenage writers are:

  • Triond: Triond is a free publishing service where you can write articles about any topic and they publish it on websites that cover your topic. On this website you only need to care for the creation of the content and they will manage all the publishing and other steps of the process.
  • ProBlogger: the jobs board at this website offers regularly online writing gigs.
  • Sponsored Reviews: you must have your own established blog or website to work for them, so it might not be very useful for teenagers. This site gets you companies that will like to sponsor their content on your blog. All you have to do is write a review of the things they ask you.
How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Make money writing articles

Make money through advertising

This is a passive way to make money online for teenagers because you almost don't need to do anything. The only thing you have to do is click on the ads that will appear on your screen and this will immediately generate income. Some of the places where you can do this:

  • Qmee: This is a browser extension that you can install in any browser. When you've installed it, it will show sponsored ads on the side when you're searching for a relevant topic on any search engine. If you click on those ads that pop up you'll get cash into your account. The amount for every ad is only a few cents, but if you keep visiting different ads you'll be able to gather an interesting amount.
  • Swagbugs
  • Cashcrate: By signing up, they'll send you products and you'll have to provide your feedback for cash.
  • ClixSense: To join this website you must be at least 16.
How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Make money through advertising

Take surveys and surf the web

Many sites will pay you for taking surveys on different topics and simply surfing the web.

  • Survey Savvy: Sing up and start giving your opinions. As a reward, you'll get cash.
  • Global Test Market: The surveys on this website will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once you've finished them, you'll get gift cards or cash as a compensation.
How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Take surveys and surf the web

Do game and website testing

Another great way to make money online for teenagers is reviewing games and websites.

  • Game testers is a website where you can test online games without any previous gaming experience needed.
  • On Userlytics you can become a website tester. You'll need a webcam as they will record your reactions to the websites you'll test. Besides recording your face, you'll have to speak out loud your reactions to the websites you'll be testing.
How To Make Money Online For Teenagers - Do game and website testing

Don't give up

If you're a teenager, there are lots of opportunities on the Internet for you to generate money. However, it is important to bear in mind that the majority of the sites pay a small amount of money for the services provided. You might not earn a big amount of money by only participating in one website. The smart thing to do would be to participate in many different websites, so your income would be higher.

And remember, it might be hard at the beginning, don't give up!

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