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How to Get a Job as a Babysitter

How to Get a Job as a Babysitter

Babysitting is a popular choice for those wanting to get their first work experience or need a side hustle. It's usually evening and weekend work which fits in great around studying and education and it can also be pretty fun! Of course, working as a babysitter is also a big responsibility with parents and guardians entrusting you to take care of young children. If you've never worked as a babysitter before, and don't have any experience, you may feel like it can be tough getting hired in your new choice of employment. So in this OneHowTo article, we're going to give you advice on how to get a job as a babysitter.

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Steps to follow:

Getting a job as a babysitter is much easier if you have previous experience working with, or caring for, young children. This includes looking after young relatives, brothers and sisters, family friends, or even helping out at a daycare center. so if you can get experience then that's great!


If you are struggling to get a job without work experience ask somebody who thinks you will do a good job babysitting to give you a reference. Having a reference will allow people who are considering hiring you as a babysitter to see that you have been recommended for this role.


Before you come to advertising for babysitting jobs, consider how much you want paying and what the going rate is for this type of work. Ask other people you know who babysit how much they get paid for an idea.

You should also consider how many children you feel comfortable looking after whilst you babysit too. If you haven't had direct experience in babysitting before, you may not want to babysit a family of five children! It's also important to know how late you are willing to work. Knowing all this before you advertise means that you can clearly state your rates and times!


Getting a job as a babysitter can often mean going out and finding the work yourself! Ask your relatives and friends if they know anybody who may need a babysitter.

Making flyers and pamphlets to hand out around your neighborhood is also a good idea and let's people know that they have somebody close by if they are in need of childcare at any point. Keep asking and putting yourself forward whenever possible.


When you get a call from somebody interested in hiring you as a babysitter, make sure you ask plenty of questions. Ask how many children you will be looking after, bedtimes, emergency numbers and any other safety concerns you feel you may be relevant whilst you're caring for the children.

Don't forget to ask what your rate of pay will be and what time you will be needed until. If it will be until late in the evening, make sure you have organised a way to get home!


If you enjoy your work experience as a babysitter, then you may even look into working as an au pair which offers the chance to travel and work abroad!

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How to Get a Job as a Babysitter
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How to Get a Job as a Babysitter