How to Contact Ratan Tata

How to Contact Ratan Tata

There are several ways you can contact Ratan Tata, depending on the purpose of your communication. You can contact him by email, letter, Twitter, Linkedin, telephone, or try to meet him. Below we will give you details of how to contact Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata has been one of the most successful businessmen of our times. Under his leadership, the Tata group saw a massive expansion. Moreover, he is an active philanthropist and charity patron. You might be want to contact Ratan Tata for investment, or maybe because you have an important charity work you would like to present to him, or even just to compliment him on his amazing career.

While Ratan Tata resigned as Chairman of Tata Sons after his 75th birthday and left his responsibilities to Cyrus Mistry, he is still chairman to lots of trusts of the Tata group. Plus, he is continuously investing money in startups established by talented young people. So there are many reasons why you might want to contact Ratan Tata.

In this oneHOWTO article we will talk about: how to write to Ratan Tata, what is Ratan Tata email id, how to meet Ratan Tata, where is Ratan Tata house, how to contact Ratan Tata for investment through Ratan Tata email id for investment, and other ways to contact Ratan Tata.

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How to contact Ratan Tata: tips

If you are wondering: how can I contact Ratan Tata, we suggest you have a clear idea of why you might want to catch his attention. Bear in mind that Ratan Tata is a very busy person, imagine how many people want to speak to him. Our first suggestion is to try and speak to someone from the Tata group or trusts who is in charge of dealing with requests and comments for Ratan Tata.

The ways to reach Ratan Tata we show in this article will probably get through one of Ratan Tata'S assistants, so do not be disappointed if you do not get a reply from Ratan Tata. If one of Ratan Tata's assistants will deem your idea, request or comment worthwhile for Ratan Tata to check, they will definitely deliver it to him.

On the other hand, Ratan Tata is known for being an incredibly down to earth man, and a man who is always available to speak to people. There are stories of people who contacted him and received a reply. What you should avoid is resorting to stalking, as that would be a sure way to NOT reach Ratan Tata.

Now, follow our steps on how to contact Ratan Tata, and good luck!

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How to write to Ratan Tata

Writing a letter is an old fashioned, formal way of contacting an important person. It might also be one of the best ways to actually get heard as nowadays there are less and less people writing them. If you would like to write a letter to Ratan Tata you will have to send it to one of the corporate offices, or even better, to the Tata Trust in Mumbai. Remember to send it via registered post, so you know when it reaches his office.

Here are 2 useful addresses to use to write to Ratan Tata:

Ratan Tata

Tata Trust

Bombay House

24, Homi Mody Street

Mumbai 400 001 India

or try:

Ratan Tata

The Former Chairman of Tata Group





Now that you know how to write to Ratan Tata the old fashioned way, let's see how to contact him via email.


What is Ratan Tata email id

As we mentioned, Ratan Tata is an incredibly down to earth man, so he shared his email address on Twitter.

Ratan Tata email id is:


This is Ratan Tata email id for personal, investment, as well as charity related emails. If you have no luck you can try other Ratan Tata email id.

If you have a media related question, write directly on the media section of the "contact us" tab on

If you would like to get employment in one of the Tata group branches, contact the branch directly or visit the "working with us" page on

Again, bear in mind that he might not personally read his emails, but if your email is important or interesting, his PAs will let him know.

Now that you know what is Ratan Tata email id, we can discover more ways to contact Ratan Tata.


How to contact Ratan Tata for investment

Are you looking for how to get funding from Ratan Tata? Do you have a brilliant idea for a startup? There are a few things you should know before you contact Ratan Tata for investment:

  • Ratan Tata's investment choices are independent of the Tata group and he often invests personally in projects.
  • Ratan Tata is mainly interested in investing in project that improve quality of life or solve a problem for common people. He is particularly fond of women's startups.
  • There are examples in the media of people such as Nidhi Agarwal, who just sent an email to Ratan Tata and got funding for her startup. Now, bear in mind that it is a 1 in a million chance!
  • Your idea should be already developed and on the market for Ratan Tata to evaluate it, do not just write to Ratan Tata to present something you have in your mind and might develop in future.
  • Apart from Ratan Tata, the best man to contact is Mr. Venkataramanan if you are lookin at how to get funding from Ratan Tata. He reviews proposals before presenting them to Ratan Tata.

So you want to know how to contact Ratan Tata for investment... Ratan Tata email id for investment is srtt@­ as he manages everything from the Tata Trusts offices. Alternatively, to contact Ratan Tata for investment you could send a letter to the above addresses.

If you have something important to say, you might want to know how to meet Ratan Tata...


How to meet Ratan Tata

Looking to meet Ratan Tata can be tricky. He is very busy and won't appreciate someone waiting in front of his office or home. Also, security guards might intervene. You best bet to meet Ratan Tata might be trying to make an appointment by contacting him through the above channels, or going to a business conference he will take part in. Again, if you go to a business conference, you might want to let his team know you want to talk to him before approaching him directly.


Where is Ratan Tata house

Ratan Tata has a mansion in Colaba, Mumbai. However, your best bet to meet Ratan Tata would be trying to talk to someone at the Bakhtawar Apartments in Colaba or Bombay House.


How to contact Ratan Tata: additional channels

Ratan Tata personally manages his Twitter account, so you can try and interact with him through Twitter.

Ratan Tata personal Twitter account:

Tata companies Twitter account:

You can contact Ratan Tata by telephone on +91 - 22 - 6665 8282 (Tata Trusts)

or by fax: +91 22 6665 8013

or try:

Ratan Tata Facebook account:

Ratan Tata Linkedin account:

Now you know how to contact Ratan Tata, good luck!!!

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