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How to Choose a Company Logo

How to Choose a Company Logo

One of the elements that defines a company and that plays a key role is its logo, so choosing a good company logo is of foremost importance. A company logo is made of an image and typography and it should be well thought out taking into account what we want to convey. It is a way to present a company quickly through a visual stimulus. A good logo will be consistent with the type of company you have and will have been designed by thinking about its values . It may seem superficial, but who doesn't know the logo of Coca-Cola or Apple? The aim is to establish communication between our company and the public through the logo's emblem. And sometimes, the logo is the most recognisable face of a company. At OneHowTo we will show you how to choose a company logo.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you should think about when you choose a company logo is what do you want to convey with this logo. Do you want it to represent peace, confidence, and happiness? This whole series of feelings are created by choosing a suitable colour, proper typography and an image.

Suitable color: each color gives us a different emotion. Look at the color-emotions chart and decide what kind of emotion you want to convey with your logo to choose the color you want to use.

If we can get these 3 elements to complement each other taking into account the image we want to portray, it will be more likely that the public will sense this too.

An attention-grabbing logo will increase its chances of sticking to people's minds and in this way it will be remembered. It's not just about focusing on being original, but rather we should think about what the brand's spirit reflects. If we do this, we gain two things: first, the logo will draw people's attention; and secondly, it will be consistent with the company, generating confidence in the public.

There are 3 types of logo:

  • typographic: only words
  • graphic: only symbol
  • explanatory: through a simple image they explain what the company does

Of course those categories can be mixed to create a logo.


Another factor to consider in terms of how to choose a logo for your company, is that it has to adapt to the different formats where it will be displayed. If for example, your logo appears small in all sections of your website, you have to consider how it will appear on the corner of a magazine or when just seeing it from a distance or on the screen of a smaller device. The logo should be easily recognisable in different sizes. Similarly, you should think about whether it would make sense in black and white if your logo is in colour.


Your logo should be unique in order to be associated with your company and not with any other. You don't need to look for something complex when developing a logo, but look for simplicity and originality. Something simple will be easier to recognise and understand, but it is also more difficult to create, although it doesn't seem so. For example, the Puma logo is a puma jumping. It's easy to remember and is consistent with a sporty image as a puma conveys strength, agility and speed. This is a great idea for their brand; it is consistent with the image the company wants to convey and is original.

Think about your competitors and try to create something original. Of course competitors can provide inspiration but you should then come up with an original idea, possible better than your competitor's.

Taking inspiration: apart from your competitors, think about any logo you absolutely love and try to identify what you love about it. Is it the color? simplicity? Just use that element to choose your company logo.


Another tip for how to choose a logo for your company is taking into account that it should be able to adapt to changes that occur over time. A company is created under the thinking that it will have a long life, so likewise the logo must be designed with the same thought in mind. There are many examples of businesses that have had to make significant changes in order to adapt their logo, while others have barely changed. When you want to change your logo, always ask yourself: what is it that I don't like about it? and start from there.


Deciding how to choose your logo is important. Therefore, perhaps it is better to share your ideas with other members of the company, in order to establish common goals and try to put them together to think about the logo. If all company creators have clear values for the band and the image that they want to convey, you can contribute more ideas that are in line with the logo that you want to create.

Professional help: try not to save money on your logo. Remember, it will be the most visible part of your business. Hire a professional designer to make it. Once you hire a designer to make you logo, trust them! Do not insist if they tell you something looks horrible, as they have studied for that. If the creator is a person, maybe you should wait a while after you came up with a logo, to see if in the end you find it boring or if on the other hand, you like it more and more over time. With this process, you can create different logos, to see what you are going to like more and which ones lose the virtues that you had initially seen in them.

With those very simple steps in mind, you will be able to choose an amazing logo for your company!

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How to Choose a Company Logo
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How to Choose a Company Logo