How to Be an Accounting Professor

How to Be an Accounting Professor

Being a teacher or professor is a very important position in today's world. They're needed to teach and educate the next generation so that they may fill the current generations shoes in the jobs and careers they hold. Professors in the category of business are even more sought after in universities than the other branches of learning such as Math, English, History, Science, and the Arts as there are more positions open than there are available business professors. An important type of business professor is an accounting professor. Accounting is a very big part of today's companies and organizations and so having a steady stream of educated individuals for the job hunt is an important task.

In this article we'll go through step-by-step how to be an accounting professor.

Steps to follow:

Your Undergraduate Degree

The very first thing you will need to accomplish to become an accounting professor is to earn your bachelor's degree. The most popular major to choose for your bachelor's is accounting, but a closely related business topic such as finance could work as well. You will be able to get more education in accounting in your master's degree if you did not choose accounting as your bachelor's. However, choosing accounting to study for all your education will definitely give you an edge since you will have the most experience and acquired knowledge possible at this point.

  • An undergraduate degree typically takes 4 years of studying to complete.
  • Try to achieve a good GPA (grade point average) as companies look for higher GPAs. A good range for GPAs is from 3.4 and up.
  • Participate in activities in your college.

A Master's Degree

The next step in the process on how to be an accounting professor is to earn a master's degree. Your master's degree should be in accounting. Your master's degree may let you study more in depth on a particular accounting subject, but as to which path to study is up to you. A master's degree will take around 1 to 2 years of full-time study to achieve, but is well worth the time and hard work as it provides access to higher level positions and a higher salary.

  • Being successful and active at your school should be a priority again as you plan to apply to your school for you doctorate.

The Doctorate Degree

Finally after achieving your master's and bachelor's degree you must earn your Ph.D. to be an accounting professor. Most universities and college will require that you achieve this high of education to be a professor and to teach accounting at the business school. It may be possible to get your master's while you study for your doctorate as well. Some college programs enable you to get your master's the first year and then move to your doctorate for the remaining time you study. Your doctorate major should be in accounting and after you complete your dissertation, you will be able to be an accounting professor.

  • Business professors, including accounting professors, usually make a pretty nice salary as there are so few business professionals that do end up teaching.

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