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How to be an Accounting Clerk

How to be an Accounting Clerk

Accounting is all about numbers and keeping all assets owned by a company properly accounted for and balanced. The person who is responsible for doing all this and ensuring everything is in it's rightful place accounting wise is an accounting clerk. They enter data into spreadsheets and databases and create general financial reports to be used later by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or other accounting agent in a firm. An accounting clerk is present in a vast number of companies and organizations and their job varies from position to position. In bigger companies an accounting clerk would have a more specialized job as there would be more of them than in smaller firms.

This article explains step-by-step how to be an accounting clerk.

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Steps to follow:

Education Required

You can be an accounting clerk with as little education as a high school diploma. Those entering the field with a high school education should have taken accounting and business principles in high school to be an effective accounting clerk. However most accounting clerks have an associates degree in accounting. This degree ensures that they have the proper education and skills to do their job properly. A bachelor's degree is not needed to be an accounting clerk, but those with a bachelor's you can move up through a company easily from this position.

  • Good grades during your schooling is always a good idea to be a more attractive candidate to companies looking to hire young talent.
  • Companies also tend to look at your activities outside the classroom, so joining a few organizations or clubs is a good idea as well.


Get experience in an accounting firm before trying to become an accounting clerk. Companies are searching for individuals with work experience to hire first. You can get some work experience by interning at a company. Internships are a good way to have a learning experience with a real company, but it also counts as work so you gain work experience from them that can be put on your resume.

  • Most companies look for a minimum work experience of one year. Some companies may want you to have more experience than one year.

Possible Certification

Although it is not required to be certified to be an accounting clerk, there are some options. You can become certified by the American Institute of Professonal Bookeepers as a certified bookeeper, or by the National Bookeepers Association.



Those who become an accounting clerk can expect an okay salary for there troubles. An accounting clerk will earn anywhere from $37,000-$58,000 depending on the company and experience brought to the table. There are many positions available for clerks as there are many people retiring or moving on to elevated positions.

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How to be an Accounting Clerk
How to be an Accounting Clerk