How Can Instagram Help my Business

By Michael Riley. Updated: May 31, 2018
How Can Instagram Help my Business

Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Media platforms because it allows users to share attractive visual content and short messages, enter competitions and connect with fans. Since it was purchased by Facebook, Instagram has moved from mobile to the web and continues to go from strength to strength. The great potential for online marketing means the most popular users can earn a living simply by promoting products and services to their followers on behalf of brands - but how can you get started and how can Instagram help your business?

Well, there are lots of different ways for marketers to get the best results out of Instagram, and OneHowTo are here to give you a quick rundown on different tricks so you learn how Instagram can help your business.

Steps to follow:

Just like Pinterest, Instagram is all about attractive visual content, so think carefully about how you want your Instagram page to appear to followers. Try to create an interesting mix of fun and exciting content along with business pictures.

Reward followers by giving them a taste of how your business looks on the inside: photos of employees at work, behind the scenes at special events - all these will help your fans get to know your business and build a relationship with your brand.

How Can Instagram Help my Business - Step 1

How can Instagram help my business on the whole? Get your posts seen by as many people as possible. Try to create a following by engaging with many users as possible by liking, commenting, and following relevant posts, people and brands. Use your existing social networks to promote your Instagram page and bring in existing followers. This will create a community of people that are interested in your product or business.

As well as engaging as much as possible with other users, you can use relevant hashtags to get your images seen, as well as linking with your Facebook page to capitalize on existing fans.

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Once you have begun to increase your follower count, you should follow people back and engage with them to develop your brand. What's more, you can use Instagram's Photo Contest feature to set up mini competitions and reward fans with discounts and promotions.

Be kind to your followers and think about them. Create a special post for celebrations such as Christmas, by making a Christmas card with Instagram for your followers.

Another great way to build authentic relationships with followers is to feature your customers and fans in your posts - pictures of genuine customers enjoying your product is a great way to get the message out! Promote everything on Facebook to further heighten the impact.

How Can Instagram Help my Business - Step 3

Instagram now has video - use this to your advantage. Video posts are a great way to further connect with your followers and are great for grabbing peoples attention. Short videos to promote different events or send out a quick message to followers have shown to be highly effective method to engage with fans. A great idea is to Live stream special events from your company.

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How Can Instagram Help my Business
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How Can Instagram Help my Business

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