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All the Benefits of Plants in the Office

All the Benefits of Plants in the Office

Whether it is a home or an office, greenery definitely spruces up the environment while providing a number of psychological and physical benefits. Believe it or not, plants are quite an inexpensive way for improving your office environment. Reception areas are commonly decked with attractive plants, but employees can benefit from plants in their work places as well. Here at, we are going to list all the benefits of plants in the office.

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Give a better working environment

As employees spend a large part of their day in the office, plants can make it a nicer place to be in. Plants improve the surroundings of the work place, due to which the employees feel more comfortable and clients feel more welcomed.

Give fresh air to breathe in

Keeping plants in the office can actually improve the inside air quality. Experts suggest having one plant for every 3 employees in your office. This can reduce carbon dioxide by 50%, and also reduce bacteria, mold and dust that your employees have to inhale in your office. Plastics, furniture, paint, carpets and cleaning products also create toxins, which are significantly reduced by introducing plants in the office.

Reduces stress levels in the office

Plants in the office can also be helpful in reducing stress levels among your employees. By lifting the staff spirit, plants promote performance and well-being in the office. In the presence of plants, the office environment appears more calming and just a nicer place to be in. Such offices look more relaxing, colorful and interesting.

A greener office is also proved to lower down blood pressure of the people inside. People perceive their surroundings in a better way, and they feel more comfortable and unstressed. When an employee is less stressed, he handles the work duties more efficiently, thus increasing productivity and satisfaction levels.

Increases productivity

Another of the benefits of plants in the office is that they are known to improve the productivity of the employees. With improved concentration, focus and cognitive tasks, the productivity of the workforce is significantly increased. Such employees make fewer mistakes and complete their tasks faster.

Improves the physical condition of the employees

By improving the air quality within the office, plants provide potential health benefits as well. Natural photosynthesis process of the plants absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in the air. They also absorb pollutants in the air and provide cleaner air to breathe in. Insulated and sealed buildings trap pollutants from furniture and carpets. Plants are effective in absorbing these pollutants, thus giving a healthier environment to the workers. When the employees are in a healthier state, they take fewer leaves and maintain their performance and productivity.

Add to the comfort level

Plants in the office add moisture in the air, which is helpful in increasing humidity levels and lowering the temperature. As a result, employees feel more at a comfort level overall. As the plants are also effective in reducing noise levels inside the office, the employees stay away from distractions and concentrate more on their work.

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All the Benefits of Plants in the Office
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All the Benefits of Plants in the Office