8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed

A CV or Resumé is the document that serves to demonstrate our training and experience when looking for a job and sell yourself as a candidate. This is why it is essential to have a curriculum vitae which maximizes our chances of being considered for a particular company or position.

With increasing competition in the jobs market, it is very important that you prepare your CV to stand out from the rest so that it will be chosen by the recruiter or HR department. In this OneHowTo article we offer you the best tips on how to improve your CV and get the job you deserve.

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Steps to follow:

First, note that in order to improve your CV, you should base it on a good CV. If you dont have an up to date and reasonably good quality CV it would probably be better to start writing your CV from scratch in order to get it right and stand out from the other candidates. You must never forget to include the following information in your resume:

  • Personal information and contact details - always up to date
  • Education
  • Work experience, although it is also possible to write a CV with no experience.
  • Languages
  • Other qualifications
  • Computer skills
  • Interesting details: possession of driving license, own vehicle, availability, skills, etc.

Likewise, you must also be very careful with the layout, so we recommend you check out this OneHowTo article with a range of tips on making a good CV that will surely be very useful as a guide.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 1

Another essential aspect to keep in mind when creating and improving your CV is the fact that you need to adapt it to specific job offers. For example, if you are apply for two jobs, one as a journalist and the other as a football coach, it will be advisable to submit two CVs to the respective offers. That way you can showcase only your relevant training and experience in each area without having to include irrelevant information for the recruiter.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 2

Likewise, it is possible that some professions require a specific type of curriculum, in which you demonstrate some of the skills or talents required for the position. So, people seeking employment in sectors related to creativity - whether advertising or communication in general - should use their creative skills in a CV and/or cover letter to show that they have these abilities.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 3

Not only creative jobs require CVs. Today we must make it possible to differentiate ourselves from other candidates and be able to excel in all selection processes. And today, many people have undergraduate and graduate studies or even extensive work experience, so we should look at ourselves and decide what makes you exceptional and improve your CV based on that. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use pre-designed templates to develop CVs, since we automatically become just another CV.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 4

Remember that a possible reason why your CV is never selected might be that it is too long; as you must know that a CV should never exceed a doubleside of A4. This document is not designed to tell you life story, but simply to summarize the main points which make you a good choice as a candidate for a particular role. You should never reduce the text size or the margins to fit more information in this looks unprofessional.

So you should definitely not adopt an approach of fitting as much information as possible on two sheets of paper, but instead, prioritize and include only what is relevant. To give you an example, if when you were 16 you worked for two months as a waiter in your uncle's bar, nobody will be interested in this and you can omit it. Rely on the old saying that 'less is more' and you'll improve your CV considerably.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 5

If you decide to include a photograph, choosing the photography for you curriculum vitae is imporant, as it is the first image that the recipient of your CV will see. Therefore forget about the photos taken during a party night, even if you did look divine or suit, or those in which it is clear that there was another person next to you and you have cut them out. Do not include a picture of your whole body - you must appear from the chest up.

If you do not have any proper photos and wish to include one, you should choose to take one especially for it. Although you can spend a fortune on going to visit a professional photographer, you can now do the same with most digital cameras or smartphones. Be sure to stand before a neutral background and dress in a color that it is not blurred by what you have behind you.

If you are unsure whether to include a picture of yourself then check what the standard practice is in your country or area of expertise. In some cases attaching a picture may actually harm your chances of being considered for the job.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 6

Likewise, it is essential that you regularly update your CV. In the same way that a picture must be current, it is important to include all the training you've been doing. If you have nothing to add to your CV then don't worry and just include the latest date in the footer of the document; this way you will show that you are keeping your CV up to date.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 7

You also need to remember to update the form as well as the content. What does this mean? We mean that you should always do a review to avoid misspellings or typos; if you are aware that you make spelling errors, it will be advisable to ask for help from someone else with excellent language skills so they can correct your CV.

Similarly, we recommend exporting your CV in an appropriate format such as pdf remembering that extensions like .doc (Word format) involves risk that the CV can be modified. In turn, it will be essential to save your CV with a filename that identifies it appropriately to email it as an attachment. So, do not call it things like, 'curriculum' 'CV', 'John'... you must choose a clear indicator such as: 'CV_JohnSmith' to specify clearly that is a resume and contains your name. These little details will help to ensure that recruiters know that you take care with your work and have attention to detail.

8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed - Step 8

A fundamental part of finding a job is writing a good CV. At OneHowTo we have different articles to improve the way you write your CV, though if you want to go one step further, there are other specialized sites such as LiveCareer that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job.

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8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed
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8 Ways To Quickly Improve Your CV and Get Noticed

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