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5 Ways Pokemon Go Can Benefit your Business

5 Ways Pokemon Go Can Benefit your Business

As you may already know, Pokémon Go is the latest trend in app games. This classic video-game has recently arrived on smartphones around the world and fans of Pikachu, Squirtle and Charmander have gone crazy, walking around town and trying to catch all the rarest Pokémon.

Though some people may think it's kind of annoying, small businesses can actually benefit from this game through some simple marketing strategies. If you want to know more, keep on reading this OneHowTo article to find out 5 ways Pokemon Go can benefit your business.

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Increase sales

Have you got a PokeStop or Gym right next to your business? One of the ways Pokemon Go can benefit your business is by increasing your sales. No matter if you have a restaurant, bar or shop, a great way to lure people into your business is to download the app and use Pokemon lures so that gamers come to your lure to catch Pokémon, so they will stay in the area of your shop or business for at least 30 minutes, which is the amount of time that a lure lasts. This will increase the chances of these people of noticing your business and finally buying one of your products or services.

Build your community

If your business happens to have a Gym next to it, a good idea is to organize Pokémon tournaments. Gather a bunch of people at one time and offer a prize or discount for the first person to win over the Gym. This will also make more people get to know your business and will assure that many come back by organizing tournaments regularly.


Increase brand visibility

Share any Pokémon you may find within your business through social media apps such as Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr using a Pokémon hashtag. This will also be a good way for new people to come running to your shop to catch the same Pokémon and get to know your business.

Another good idea is to give a courtesy gift to any person who shares a caption on Social Media of a Pokémon catched in your business. Create a hashtag of your own so people can take a look at all the Pokémon catched at your location. Especially if the caption has the logo of your company in it, this is a great way to spread your brand on the Internet.

Find your potential target

If you share the same target with Pokémon Go (males and females from the age of 10 to 35), then the chances of benefiting from Pokémon Go are even higher. Join in on the fun by embracing the Pokémon Go movement, share Pokémon Go memes, articles and captions on your Social Media to reach people who could be interested in your business but don't know your company yet.

Create a special Pokémon go product

Another way to get Pokémon Go fans to come into your business is to create a product that's especially designed for them. Whether you come up with a Bulbasaur cocktail, invent an Ash Ketchum Ketchup or offer a Pokémon trainer menu, this is a good idea to attract the most loyal fans.

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Soumya Roy
Sounds interesting. I have seen many movie theaters and restaurants to use this as a marketing strategy. It is always good to use some recent trends in marketing that actually attracts lots of eyes and eventually the brand gets benefited.

5 Ways Pokemon Go Can Benefit your Business
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5 Ways Pokemon Go Can Benefit your Business