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10 Key Tips to Get on Better with your Work Colleagues

10 Key Tips to Get on Better with your Work Colleagues

Workplace relationships are very important, since we spend a substantial part of our lives at work. Although we think that we are just going there to do our jobs, the reality is that a social life also develops within this environment where we talk, share things and laugh with our colleagues. For this reason, at, we are giving you 10 key tips to get on better with your work colleagues and ensure your tranquility and personal well-being.

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Steps to follow:

Learn, from day one, to be courteous and friendly towards your workmates. This quality is highly valued not only in the workplace, but in any social environment. Therefore, always greet your co-workers when you come into the office, say your goodbyes when you leave, and always wish your co-workers a nice weekend and/or holiday if necessary.


Try not to take any personal problems into the workplace. This could make you look you hostile, unfriendly or distant, and nobody wants to constantly deal with an employee like this. Think of your workplace as a space where all problems fade away. There's no point in giving a bad answer because you're annoyed about something happening at home, so try to give the best of you at all times.


Separate personal relationships from workplace relationships. This does not mean you can't make lifelong friends at work, but it's not easy. Not everyone that passes the time of day with you during the coffee break is your friend. These relationships develop over time, with sharing and respect. If that does not exist then you should keep them as work colleagues.

The best way to create a positive environment, however, is to share comments on the latest news. Avoid politics as much as possible, but don't hesitate to comment on the latest cat gone viral or the most recent top music charter, you may find some common fields with your colleagues.


Avoid getting involved sentimentally with someone from your work. This only creates problems: sensitivities, gossip, unnecessary rumors, and discomfort. On this note, you should also avoid spreading gossip too, don't badmouth about any of your colleagues either, especially behind their backs, or this will give you a bad reputation.

Be friendly with workmates that you don't like , but keep your distance. Create a balance so that no one can question your professionalism.

Respect your colleagues and apply the golden rule of relationships: treat others as you want to be treated


Be kind and helpful, but know how to maintain boundaries. Help people, but without allowing them to abuse your goodwill.

People like being appreciated, so it's always good to ask your colleagues for opinion. Learn how to respect their decisions even if you don't share them too.


Make an effort to get to know your workmates better. Sometimes first impressions are deceptive and sometimes, beneath the surface, great human beings are hidden. You only need to have the patience and desire to discover them.

This is why it's occasionally good to propose a meeting outside the office, go out for a coffee or an informal lunch.


If you have a conflict with a colleague, try to solve it directly with that person through dialogue and in a professional and emotionally intelligent way. This is the best thing for everyone.


Learn to communicate efficiently with all your work's members. There's nothing worse than feeling you've been left out of a meeting or that you opinion has not been taken into consideration, so make sure you know what tasks belong exclusively to you and which have to be done as a team.

Avoiding this kind of misunderstandings is vital so there are no hard feelings between colleagues.


It's not all about being the teacher's pet, but having an occasional gesture will always make you look thoughtful. Bring those leftover cookies you made during the weekend into the office or bring back a small souvenir from your latest trip, this will always lighten the mood at work.


A bit of fun every now and then is not bad either. Don't be the office joker or play heavy pranks, but an occasional joke is also a good way to lighten the mood. This also works the opposite way. If you fall victim of an office joke, learn how to take it, don't get angry with your colleagues and join in on the fun.

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  • The working world is full of many types of people, but you have to be professional and patient to make these relationships the best they can be.

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10 Key Tips to Get on Better with your Work Colleagues
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10 Key Tips to Get on Better with your Work Colleagues